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Meet the Heat magazine XLS-Medical Ambassadors

Meet Carly, Suzanna and Samantha, Heat’s brand new XLS-Medical Ambassadors!

These three lucky ladies were specially chosen from hundreds of entries, and will be changing their lifestyles to help them on their weight loss journey. They’ll be regularly blogging on xlsrealstories.com, where you can follow their progress every step of the way. On the site, you’ll also have the chance to enter weekly competitions, read stories and find out more about the XLS-Medical Fat Binder product.


Carly Wilkinson

FROM: Essex

AGE: 24

SIZE: 12

START WEIGHT: 11st 2lb

HEIGHT: 5ft 2in

GOAL WEIGHT: 9st 7lb

What inspired you to be an ambassador?

I go to boot camp three times a week, but since Christmas, I’ve piled on about 6lb and struggled to shift it. I feel like it’s crept on. I thought this would be a good kick-start to get me sorted in time for summer.

What’s your ultimate goal?

I think I need to lose about a stone, but I just need a bit of help. I just feel like it’s a bit

of a hurdle at the minute.

Are you normally quite healthy?

My main meals are quite healthy – I try to cook as much from scratch as I can. But I’m a bit of a snacker and a chocolate fiend.

How do you feel about your body at the moment?

Not that confident. I know I can put a bit of make-up on and then I feel as if my face looks alright, but I cover up my body and wear long or baggy tops.

What do you hope to achieve over the 12 weeks?

I want to be able to wear what I want and just feel happy. It would be nice to go on holiday and be able to feel confident on the beach – that’s my all-time goal, to get a great beach body!


Suzanna Reid Barriero da Silva

FROM: Birmingham

AGE: 37

SIZE: 14/16

START WEIGHT: 11st 12lb

HEIGHT: 5ft 2in


START WEIGHT: 11st 11lb

HEIGHT: 5ft 2in


Why did you get involved?

I feel like I need that added oomph! I lost around 3st a couple of years ago, but

over the past few years I just haven’t been able to lose any more.

What’s your day-to-day diet like?

I’m healthy Monday to Friday, and then it all goes wrong at the weekend. I know I eat more than my body needs. Having the blog and being within this group will hopefully

give me the help I need.

Do you exercise much?

I have a gym membership, but don’t use it – like most people in the world! I walk my dog every day, but that’s it.

Are you confident about your body now?

I felt really good about myself when I dramatically lost 3st, because loads of people noticed and said, “Oh my God – you look amazing!” But even then I was still not quite where I wanted to be. That was two years ago and my weight has plateaued since then. I need that boost again to lose weight, then I’ll feel great again.

What’s going to be the hardest thing?

Weekends with friends, when you’re surrounded by food and alcohol!


Samantha Lowry

FROM: Manchester

AGE: 37

SIZE: 14/16

START WEIGHT: 11st 12lb

HEIGHT: 5ft 2in


What made you want to get involved?

I really want to lose some weight in time for summer, and I think this will help me

achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself faster than just dieting alone.

Do you already have a healthy diet?

Yes, I’ve learned about portion control and I’m making healthier choices – I just think this will be more of a helpful boost. My head’s in the right place for making a change.

How do you currently feel about your body?

Good, because I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’ve started to get more of an interest in clothes again. I’m now feeling even more determined not to stop until I’ve reached my goal weight. I have got the bug and I know I can do it. I’m not stopping now!

When were you most confident about the way you look?

When I was younger, I was quite happy, because I didn’t have to think about what I was eating. But when you’re a bit older, you’re working more and longer hours and you’re not really thinking about what you’re eating. Things creep in – it’s taken me a while to redress it.

Are you looking forward to the results?

I really am. I want to do it anyway, but to know there’s that extra positive pressure is really good.

About XLS-Medical:

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